lördag 3 oktober 2015

The nightmare 2

27/9-2015, 21.00

"There's that weird girl again, I wonder what she wants this time." Tony thought to himself as he polished a couple of shoes. He had seen her a couple of times in the shoe store, always trying on some shoes for oven an hour. She was a nice costumer because he could always make her buy the more expensive shoes instead of the cheaper ones that she was looking at, but she was still weird.
"What do you think she does with all the shoes?" Carl asked Tony.
"I don't know. Maybe she wears them? You know, like normal people." Tony answered.
"But she has bought like twenty pairs this month. Do you think she has like one pair per day?" Carl looked so confused that Tony just wanted to smack him in the face.
"How am I supposed know what costumers does with what they buy? It's none of my business, all I care about is selling the stuff so that I can get a raise soon." Tony putted away the shoes and walked towards the girl.

"Oh my god, he is walking towards me. Okay play it cool so that you doesn't look too weird." Grey thought. As she saw his face she got a flashback at her dream and she started to panic. She threw off her shoes of and ran out, not realizing that she forgot her own shoes in the store. As she ran her feet started to bleed and the pain made her stop to rest at a bench in the park, an old lady approached her which was weird because Grey didn't know any old lady that was living in the park. The old lady didn't look that threatening but there was something off about her. Grey thought of just walking away like she had an importing meeting to attend to, but her bleeding feet stopped her from moving. The old lady reached in to her own coat pocket and pulled out a necklace, no it wasn't a necklace, it was the medallion from her dream. This was too much for Grey to handle, she tried to run but she only fell down to the ground again and again and again. The old lady came close, she looked really scary up close with her wrinkles in all the wrong places, she looked more like a dog than a human.
"What do you want?" Grey asked.

"I need to give you this." said the old lady and gave the medallion to Grey. "I have had this dream for a couple of decades, it drove me to madness so I escaped to the park, but now I am finally free from it." the old lady walked in to a bush and disappeared.